Michelle Zama

Michelle Zama is the CEO and Founder for Miss Luminous South registered as Luminous Pageantry International. She is an upcoming author and is currently writing her first book titled the “Womb of a black Sheep”. She is a Motivational and Transformational speaker   and is passionate about bringing change to the lives of those she comes into contact with.

She is a single mother to 2 boys Gabriel (9) and Micaiah (5).Becoming a young mother, Michelle was forced to mature before time. Born and raise in the province of KwaZulu-Natal, she moved to Johannesburg 4 years and this was a total transformation for her dreams and ambitions. This Durban raised beauty, Umlazi to be specific is the true epitome of “Beauty from Ashes”. Now in her late 20’s, Michelle Siphelele Zama has become a role model and a mentor for young women all around South Africa through launching her NPC.

Currently studying towards her Law Degree through Unisa, working as a junior legal advisory for one of the biggest engineering companies in the Gauteng region and running a national organization is definitely commendable. She is an activist of note and advocates for world peace, education as well as gender equality.


“Beauty from Ashes”

The philanthropist mother, daughter, sister, mentor and entrepreneur has dedicated and committed her young life to empowering the youth and developing the community through mentorship programmes and charity work all over South Africa. Michelle is a trailblazer who has successfully created moral values in the Pageantry sector she has influenced and that’s what really set her apart from pageant organizers all over South Africa. She insists that she is a community builder who has capitalized on using all available platforms to reach out to the youth for the sole benefit of the community.

Having studied Marketing Management and soon to be equipped with a Law degree Michelle better known to many as Poshqueen while some call her Mama Luminous, it is no doubt that this young woman is purpose driven and highly ambitious. She was raised by a single mother in a broken family. She confirms that experiencing the optimum of poverty from a young age is what compelled her to become a village girl with Global dreams.

“I survived because the fire that burned inside me burned brighter than the fire that surrounded me “.

"Mama Luminous"